Monday, June 6, 2011


That was my nickname back in first grade, when this picture was taken.  I am wearing my VERY favorite dress, it was pumpkin colored with a white collar and I would have worn that dress every day if I could have (I just might have now that I think about it).  Note the classic Pixie bangs.

I think I look very sweet and shy in this picture.  Still shy, maybe not as sweet as my 6 year old self.  I loved my first grade teacher Mrs. Verner, and I was so excited to be learning to read!  "The Big White House" was our first grade reading book, still remember it vividly.

I'm collecting family pictures in a photo album on Flickr as I come across them.  You can view them here


Sue said...


zaideafraidey said...

you still are pretty much the same. I remember being so jealous of what a great reader you were, knew that I could never compete. You probably did wear that dress forever because I don't ever remember getting it...did mom make it?

Laurie said...

She very well might have made it for me. I don't remember but do know I loved it to death. It really wasn't your color anyways Zaids.

Lis said...

Great idea. And that picture of you is darling.