Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Sleepover!

No pix, as my cell phone battery died, but I had a fun sleepover with the P's last night.  Lorraine invited me over for dinner (yum marinated chicken), and to watch Jon break in his Father's Day present.  A wood chipper, perfect for the mountain man.  The boys were helping feed branches in when I got there, and no human limbs were sacrificed. 

Lorraine and I took the dogs for a 5 mile walk (and if you've ever tried to keep up with Ms. Speed Racer, you'll understand why my legs are sore today), then she invited me to sleep over since it was pretty late and we'd consumed a fair amount of wine. 

I woke up this morning to Mikey and Liam snuggling in with me, then Al joined us.  It was pretty much "The Human Jenga Game" after that.  We had an excellent breakfast, and the boys gave Jon handmade cards and gifts.  The twins are hardcore garage sale shoppers, and they scored two handmade fishing lures plus a very nice painting of orcas (which they said are Jon's favorite animals), so there was lots of excitement as Jon unwrapped his gifts.

Mike and I planned what we are going to do for his birthday next month (he will be 6, which I can't believe).  We decided on lunch (his favorite restaurants are Tomato Street and Outback, so we may go to one of those) and I voted for Target to buy a birthday present.  But he snagged the Toys R Us ad from the Sunday paper, and we spent at least an hour going over the 4 pages, and discussing the merits of each item.  He's hoping for a new bike, which isn't my plan, but he gave it his best shot.  Second choice was a Nerf weapon of some sort.  We shall see.

It was so fun to hang out with the boys, they are getting so grown up.  RJ gave me his MP3 player plus a list of songs he needed to have downloaded.  Luckily, Pia was able to provide most of them.  He's quite the tween boy.  High on his request list were Bon Jovi, Kid Rock and Lady Gaga.  He and Alex headed off to Camp Reed for the week, hopefully the rotten weather will improve for them.  Liam and Mike are doing day camp at the Y.  Mike is really irritated that he's not old enough for sleepover camp.  Soon, my little man, too soon.


Katie said...

fun! still can't believe how OLD they are getting!!! craaaazy.

Cara said...

sounds like a fun time was had by all. we need pics!

Lis said...

wood chipper? and the kiddos were helping? oh boy...