Sunday, April 25, 2010


Now that I have an IPod (which could be the greatest invention since, well since EVER), I've been adding some podcasts so that I have something to listen to when I'm waiting for the boys to get out of school, tae kwon do, appointments, etc. Here's what I am listening to currently:

  1. "This American Life" a weekly program on NPR, which features kind of wacky essays and stories around a weekly theme. This week is "True Urban Legends" (can a rat actually crawl up your toilet?)
  2. "Fresh Air" also from NPR. Terry Gross is the best interviewer I've ever heard (no Larry King brown-nosing here!) and she always has interesting guests on the show.
  3. "Cast On" a podcast about knitting and more. Brenda Dayne lives in Wales and lives the life I dream about.
  4. "A History of the World in 100 Objects" from the BBC. 15 minute stories about various objects from the collection of the British Museum.
What podcasts do you listen to?


Cara said...

i dont listen to podcasts, but i keep meaning to start. im pretty sick of all the music on my ipod right now, it makes for a long couple hours in the car each day. im gonna have to get on it!

Katie said...

Oh i JUST discovered "Stuff You Should Know" - it's AWESOME! you'd love it!

and, of course, can't beat Ricky...