Sunday, April 25, 2010

The UFO Hall of Shame

UFO = Unfinished Object. Of which I have plenty right now.
  1. My Sirdal cardigan, because I ran out of yarn 3/4 of the way through the 2nd sleeve. I have purchased 2 different colors of red, and neither of them is an exact match. I may just finish it anyway and have 1/4 unmatching sleeve.
  2. "Duck Soup" baby cardigan. I intended to give this to Katie's friend Allison as a baby gift but didn't get it finished in time. All it needs are the toggle closures and some buttons. And a tiny baby.
  3. Mittens from a 1911 pattern book. I'm trying to adapt/update the pattern but am stuck at the top shaping. Knitters in 1911 evidently were ok with wonky instructions.
  4. A 'fascinator' (a lacy head scarf) from a 19th century pattern book. Again I am trying to update the pattern, but not sure I love the design.
  5. At least 4 pairs of socks with one sock done or nearly done. Second Sock Syndrome is alive and well.
  6. "Quincy" hat, which is nearly done. But the next step involves twisting the strip of yarn and I get confused every time I twist, not sure exactly HOW it's supposed to twist.
  7. And one that isn't in the picture: "Nimbus" short sleeve cardigan that just needs to be sewn together.
This may be my week to try to finish up some stuff. We'll see. And I actually DID finish one pair of socks (Pyroclastics) which had been waiting to have the toes sewn up. I was out of double point knitting needles so had to finish that one off!


Sue said...

how can you be OUT of dpns????

Laurie said...

just the size I needed (and I'm sure I'm not OUT really) Plus I keep breaking my #1 Brittany wooden needles. Guess my grip of steel will require metal dps.

Anonymous said...
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Sue said...

I got the knit picks metal ones - really like them

Katie said...

You know you need to finish the baby cardi by the 8th right??? cuz i'm gonna give it to Bethany... :)