Wednesday, September 3, 2008

School Days

The school year has begun! Our Linwood Lions are off and running with new teachers and new outfits:

Alex and Liam (Al had a cow about 'button pants' but grudgingly agreed to try them on, then loved them; Liam refused to wear his new shorts but did wear the shirt) looking fine!

RJ flexing his 3rd grade muscles.

Mikey in his new outfit, plus back pack, working his 'look like a pirate' theme.

The boys have had a great first week. Alex reports that he was quiet all day in class "I even breathed quietly, I don't think my teacher heard me". Ms. Clairmont is in for a big surprise when you unzip your lips, Allie! Al also is sitting at a desk with THREE GIRLS, eek. Liam is enjoying his new teacher, Mrs Graham. She is the mom of five, so there's probably nothing Liam can do that will shock her. RJ is loving life as a 3rd grader, way cooler than grade 2. And Mikey is patiently waiting for preschool to start, so he can take his backpack and Wall-e lunchbox to school!


Unknown said...

Mikey's pirate look is adorable!

Cara said...

they look so grown up

Sue said...

yikes! i better get mikey his yo-ho-ho sweater over there stat!