Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pix of the Week!

I've been babysitting RJ and Al while Mom, Grandma (visiting from Ithaca NY), Liam and Mikey are working/playing at the Quinault Lodge.  I managed to snap a few (bad) pix of Alex for the most part, since Riveria is a moving target.  Here's what we've been doing this week:

Top Chef Alex is my #1 prep cook.  He makes a mean fruit salad.

These pictures were snapped at the boys' dojang 
They are doing some sort of exercise where they had to leapfrog over their classmates.  As expected, the boys were very good leapers.

That's Alex on the right, and I think RJ is the one bending over in the middle.  No idea who that lady is that I got the clearest picture of ;-)
And here they are at ATTENTION.  Very important to stand correctly or Master Kim might make you do a million push-ups.
Here's Alex's Ninja outfit we scored at Value Village.  I think he plans to wear it to bed, then every day till Halloween.  He didn't buy the 'you'll spoil the surprise' argument.  And the double Ninja swords with the shoulder straps are totally awesome.


Katie said...

i love the ninja costume... especially when i sneak-ninja-attacked him, and he told me he farted on me and my brilliant response was "ninjas don't fart. oh wait, unless they're Silent but Deadly." bwahahah! i am so effing funny sometimes...

Laurie said...

snap! that was a good one Katie, it's why we need you to stay in Spokane!