Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Honey!

September 25th is Steve's birthday.  I've forgotten it 3 years IN A ROW, so I am blogging to make sure I don't forget this year!

Steve is nearly eligible for the senior discount, but thanks to the recent cataract surgery, he enjoys the vision of a mere youth.  

Reasons I love Steve to pieces:

1. He's the world's best morning person -- fixes my coffee, makes my bagel, gets the newspaper, and brings it all to me to enjoy, with a smile on his face.  Then heads off to do laundry.

2. He is incredibly kind and generous.  I've never heard him say 'no' to anyone for any reason.  Even when he probably should say no, he still gives of his time, energy and love.

3. He still thinks I'm cute. (Maybe not since he's had the cataract removed, though...)

4. He puts up with all of the Longinotti abuse and heckling with good humor.

5. When we are traveling, he never refuses to stop when I ask -- bathroom breaks, thrift store excursions, yarn store stops, historical site investigations and more, Steve endures them without complaint.

6. He's the world's best massage therapist, and insists I come to his office every week to get a massage.  Even though he has to pay for me to take an hour of his time.

7. He's a wonderful grandpa to the boys, and will be an even better gramps whenever his or my kids get around to producing some grandkids.

8. He does housework without complaining, and even sometimes without having to be asked.

9. He makes my car payment every month.

10. He never yells when I get us lost (which is every time I try to read a map)

Hope your day is wonderful!  Love you!


Sue said...

Happy Birthday Steve! Come visit us MORE OFTEN!!!

Unknown said...

Happy birthday Steve. You are pretty great to us Longinotti kids. :)

Meg said...

HAPPY DAY TO YOU! Very cute Lavs, he's a lucky boy. You had me fall out of my chair once again when you wrote 'maybe not since he's had his cataract removed.' You really should write for Ellen, or maybe someone less funny like Elisabeth Hasselback.

Laurie said...

EH could def use my comedic skills, but she would have to cough up a lotta dough

Katie said...

happy b-day Skyn (even though i don't think you read this blog and i already told you in person...)!!!

Sue said...

EH wouldn't get it . . .

zaideafraidey said...

happy day Steve. I cannot stand EH (almost bordering on hate-maybe a little too radical) don't waste your good talent there, it's the whole lipstick on a pig thing all over again.

Laurie said...

I think we are all in agreement on that. She would never qualify for Sundstrom humor.