Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Big News on the Fair

Pia has all the pix on her camera so they will come later, but I can reveal that:

1. I won a blue ribbon for my shawl!  I didn't get disqualified for 'machine knitting'!  I'm pretty happy with the blue ribbon, next year I'll know lace + beads is the winning combo lol.

2. Liam won the grand prize (BIG blue ribbon) for his pickled onions in the Youth canning division, and I think everything else he entered won blue ribbons (green tomatoes, dilly beans, his "self portrait" of his eye, and his vacation memory jar.  Alex won red and blue ribbons for his canned goods (peach chutney and pickled garlic, fresh produce (green tomatoes), his Whidbey Island photo:  and his Vacation Memory Jar.

RJ also won red and blue ribbons for his canned goods (dilly beans and dill carrots), green tomatoes, and his Vacation Memory Jar.

Lots of excitement finding our entries and seeing how well we did!  We are all very proud!

Of course, we spent way too much time and money on the rides (luckily, the boys were happy to stay in the little kids' rides area this year, though that won't last.  The twins barely fit in some of the rides).  After that, we had to hurry through the exhibits so we didn't get to see everything.  Might have to go back... Also we tried to talk the boys into 'mutton bustin', where kids get to ride a bucking sheep for a mere $10.00.  They were too smart for us and would have nothing to do with it.


Sue said...

CONGRATS to all the boys (and you) - winning ribbins at the fair is the best!

Lis said...

That's a lot of blue ribbons. Way to go!