Saturday, September 13, 2008

Friday Fun!

I had the boys on Friday afternoon (usually my day off, but they all had dentist appts and other stuff going on, so I lent Mom a hand).    We went to the park while RJ was practicing with his cross-country team.

Liam practicing his fireman's pole slide.

Poor Alex had to have 4 top teeth pulled!  But he was very brave and now has the adorable lisp.
Here he is with his happy yet toothless smile.


Cara said...

why did he have to have his teeth pulled? yuck!

Laurie said...

bc his perm teeth are ginormous I guess. Where he had 4 baby teeth there are going to be 2 big teeth.

Meg said...

Poor bean. He and Tate are meant to be.

Allison said...

At least he will cash in big with the Tooth Fairy.