Friday, April 4, 2008

Zoo Fun

We managed to squeeze in a stop at Woodland Park Zoo on our way home (I stayed and extra day and came home with the twins and Michael) OMG, what a ZOO it was! Spring Break, and I swear to God that every single family in Seattle and surrounding area was at the zoo. Parking, hideous. Lines, awful (we heard a rumor that those with passes could get in at another gate, so we followed the crowd like the lemmings we are. We walked halfway around the zoo, and got in another line about the same size as the one we left :-0)

Waiting to get into the Zoo...So cute!

First stop once we got in was the Zoo-mazium. Since there were about 10,000 little kids jammed in there, we immediately lost track of Michael. Unfortch, there were 3 kids with red hoodies, so we spent quite a lot of time following the wrong toddlers. Mikey was finally located and the twins stuck to him like glue after that (thank goodness!) They climbed everything climb-able in there including the stuff Mikey was 'too small' to go on. LOL, that didn't stop our fearless man!

In true family tradition, we were total 'scrap noodles', not having much left in the way of clean clothes. Michael dressed himself in his Batman pj tops, dinosaur pj bottoms and boots. None of us had socks. I'm pretty sure we all had clean underwear, but otherwise we were packin' a lot of Whidbey sand home with us.

I managed to get them out of that madhouse, and we did see a few animals:

The jaguar was very active, pacing around in circles poor thing.

Liam practiced his photography skills, and got some nice photos of the gorillas. The new baby gorilla was so freaking cute! Looked just like Mikey with big round eyes and scrappy hair.

We couldn't get close to much else, so we went and ate lunch (also a madhouse), got our picture taken in the photo booth (a high point, as they are always begging to do this), the finished up with a carrousel ride:


Katie said...

wow, you are a brave lady to take those hooligans to the Zoo alone!!! and, i'm not entirely convinced you didn't leave RJ in Whidbey, as there is no photographic evidence that he was with you on this trip as usual...

i love Mikey in the batman shirt, i remember when RJ and the twins could fit into that! :)

Laurie said...

LOL, he could still be there...the human blur. Actually he got to go home with Mom and spend a whole day with her at her work, AND go to Clink's for lunch and eat salmon!

Meg said...

I don't know, they sure don't look as filthy as we did. And since there are no actual pictures of US scrapnoodles with animals...I'm not even sure we ever really went to the zoo. Prolly just took us to the local homeless shelter...we definitely looked the part.