Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Square Dancin' Fool!

I got to attend the boys' 1st and 2nd grade concerts last Monday. So cute! Unfortunately, I forgot my video camera, so you won't get to see Liam's incredible hula hooping skills (around the neck, on the arm, one legger and more), Alex's fab juggling scarves act, or hear Riveria nail his solo on "Old Dan Tucker" plus much more super cute action. But I did get a snippet of RJ square dancing. He's very serious!


Meg said...

Lavs, that video showed nothing...try again.

Laurie said...

whaddya mean nothing? Considering I took it with my regular camera and only had room for about 2 seconds worth of video, I am thinking it is a masterpiece. AND Liam didn't stick his scrappy blonde head in front of the lens or put his hand in front of the camera.