Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fort Casey---We Loved It!

I am pretty sure that Fort Casey State Park on Whidbey Island is a boy's dream come true. It's got giant guns, ammo bunkers dug into the hillsides where you can make scary noises and yell all you want, great ocean views, more giant guns, acres of grass you can run on and play war, even more guns, ladders to climb, roofs you can climb on (well maybe you are not supposed to, but we didn't see any signs ;-) deer and bunny rabbits galore you can chase or use your stick weapons to shoot at and much much more. The gang visited the fort at least 3 times during our vacation and spent hours just playing. Here are a few pix:

Mikey don't need no stinking stairs. If there was a muddy hill to climb or to slide down, he was all over it.

Liam standing watch for enemy combatants in front of some of the ammo bunkers.

Alex is exploring the fine acoustics in one of the bunkers. Great for making ghost noises!~

As usual, Riveria was on the move and I got no pix of him. Just imagine a blur of moving boy off in the distance, climing or chasing something.

I will have more pictures and posts re our Whidbey adventures tomorrow!


Katie said...

man, looks like Boy Heaven!!! glad you guys had fun...

Meg said...

A boys nightmare.