Friday, April 11, 2008

Weekend O Fun

I'm safely arrived in LA, and the excitement is just beginning! Katie and I cruised through H'wood and made a stop at Target (where we spotted the tiny Beverly Leslie from Will & Grace! Celeb #1!!) K treated me to a cute outfit, so that she would not be totally ashamed to be seen with me. She's already signed me up for What Not to Wear, but in the meantime she is conducting her own version on me.

Last night, she colored and cut my hair --- no more Silvertip! It looks very cute. I'll see if I can get some pix today, you may not recognize me...

We are picking up Cara this morning, then off to the Dodgers game tonight, thanks to Sarah's BF Stu. We do have to pretend we are Cedars-Sinai employees who are thinking about buying a box, but whatevs. Will let you all know how the celeb count progresses.


Lis said...

New outfit huh? Tell Katie she and I should hang out. That would be SO fun if you got on that show! Would you cry giving away all of your old clothes?

Unknown said...

Only her PJs Lis! : )