Saturday, April 26, 2008

Life With Mikey

Michael is getting to be quite the big boy (but still has a lot of adorable baby in him!) Here are some pix from a typical day with the little fella:

A Two Year Old can always find interesting small stuff. Here are a whole bunch of little ants, just waiting to be picked up (and maybe crushed)

Hangin' with the Brothers. Mikey see, Mikey do (which is a little unnerving when it involves jumping off of tall things or riding one's scooter out into the street)

Apparently, Michael has also learned to climb trees. Who knew? But here's further evidence:

And Day is Done. This was so cute! Mikey and I were sitting together on the couch, eating Dora crackers and playing with toys. One second he was all busy, I looked down and he was curled up in a little ball with his head on my lap, sound asleep. Presh!


Katie said...

CUT HIS HAIR!!! ;) cute post, i love the pic of him with his bro's - he has the biggest smile on his face!

Laurie said...

I keep asking, but so far the word is NO from mom~but I told her I don't babysit kids with nasty long hair down to their shoulders, so we'll see lol.

Cara said...

he def. needs a haricut. i also love the pic of him wit his bros. his smile is soo cute