Friday, April 4, 2008

Whidbey Adventures

What a fun Spring Break we had! Thanks to Lorraine and the boys, I got to visit Whidbey Island for a few days of beach adventures. We had a darling cabin on Useless Bay (I think it was named that b/c of the darn mudflats you have to cross to get to the sand and water! I sunk in the 'quicksand' up to my boot tops much to the boys' delight). While the weather was 'variable', we still got outside every day to explore.

Alex (above) posed for a very nice photo on the lawn in front of the cabin.

Liam and Michael gathering important stuff from the beach.

BFF!!! Gramma Laurie and Alex hangin' out together.


Katie said...

Liam is such a good little photog - have they lost their Christmas cameras yet? that pic he took of you and Al is super cute!

Laurie said...

actually I have their cameras, need to download all their bockety pix. He is a very good photog, as is Alex. Better than me, natch.

Meg said...

Looks like lots-o-fun! We were sad to see our Aunt Lowdie go, but looks like the boys were thrilled to get you back.