Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So Silly!

My trip to LA was so much fun! We even indulged in a little thrift store shopping (to no avail, Angelenos apparently don't knit or crochet...) The girls had to do something silly to overcome their thrift store phobia, so we tried on old lady wigs:

I Totally should have bought this hat! (and are my ears crooked or do I always just have crooked glasses???)

Lavs Plack, in her Pixie Cut Wig.

Cara claimed she looked no different in HER wig, just with bangs. But we know she'd have to iron her real hair for an hour to get this super trendy straight 'do.

Katie in the Old Lady Bubble Wig. That's Hot!

Katie insisted we go to Pinkberry for a treat. Despite my initial gagging on frozen yogurt, I did love it once it got topped with yummy strawberries and kiwi. Kinda trendy for a small town girl tho.


Cara said...

i love kt in the old lady wig, although the pics dont do any of them justice

Laurie said...

how was your flight? I guess you did survive it! Miss you too much!

Katie said...

so proud of you gals for trying the 'Berry! I especially loved Cara's "i couldn't eat a whole one" then looking down at her empty bowl! LOLZ... and the wigs were fun... I'm sending you a phone pic of the sock/high heel, i can't get it onto my cpu. :)

Meg said...

The pic of Car is killing me because it looks like it could actually be her hair...but looks a tad tragic. You in the pill box cap is too much and Old Man Kate is fugs.