Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lucky Pup 2.0!

OMG you guys!  I don't know WHAT is happening in my life this year. 


It's for reals!  No, they didn't ask for my soc. sec. number or credit card!  I entered British Airway's contest on Facebook and was picked as one of the daily winners.

You may know that I love everything British.  So I'm over the moon!  The Longi's are planning to come with, so we are already working on a date we can all go (probably Christmas)  And I'll be saving every penny until then, as I still have to have a place to stay and have to eat while I'm there.

Guess maybe I should start buying lottery tickets.

And here's the real question:  Should I stroll the streets of Foggy Londontown wearing The Barrister's Wig?:


zaideafraidey said...

you are on an amazing winning streak, bravo I must say. Yes, go with the wig, you might just get enough attention that you will meet Kate. Avoid the dog poop though, as that will probs get you uninvited,

Sue said...

I think the Barrister's Wig might want to go - but make one of the children wear it . . . Congrats! You BETTER buy lottery tickets I think!

Cara said...

if you bring the wig they may kick us out!

Laurie said...

haha the English love the eccentric, dotty person. I will be embraced by the Brits.

Lis said...

That is amazing! Good work. Keep on entering those contests.

Meg said...

No whinging while you're there! Lucky duck!!!!