Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dark Shadows!

The B reminded me that the new movie version of "Dark Shadows" is coming out soon.

Both of us are pumped for this.  We RAN home from school to watch this soap. LOVED IT.

And I am reminded that when it came time to choose my name for confirmation, I wanted (desperately) to have "Angelique".  She is (I think) that blonde lady in the front there, a real minx.  Father McGirl put the kibosh on that, as I had to have a saint's name for some crazy reason (I believe Angelique was the resident witch on D.S., so perhaps not the best choice).  I went with Bridget instead.  And I think I left the church right about then.


Meg said...

My mom about lost her mind when she saw there was going to be a movie. She immediatley laughed out loud and very loudly said "Oh my Gawd, Laurie, B-A, and I use to race home from school to watch that!"

Unknown said...

Yeah, my mom was so funny when she heard. Can't wait to see it. Nothing wrong with spending some time with Mr. Depp. :)