Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Day Brightener!

I donate $10.00 a month on, which funds classroom projects.  I try to pick projects from teachers at Linwood School, which is where the boys go to school and is in an area with high needs (I'd pick Freeman schools too Pia, but there aren't ever any projects from your district)

One of the projects I helped fund was to buy Nooks for Mrs. Huschke's classroom.  She was Riveria's 4th and 5th grade teacher and he loved her to pieces.  As does Mike P, because he went to her room after school every day with his big brother and got candy :0

I just received an envelope of thank you notes from the class and they make me so happy!  Here are a few excerpts (with original spelling and punctuation):

"I really like the nooks, because, I could change the pages without getting a paper cut.  The nooks is more practice for responsability, and respect for something that isn't yours forever.  So all I'm saying is thank you for the nooks you didn't have to buy them for us but you did.  Sincerely, Peyton"

"You could of used your money for something else but you didn't"

"Thank you for the Nooks.  They're vary fun to read on.  I love how you change the pages with boutins. Als-o how they change font size.  Sincerely, Dakotah"

"Thank you for the Nooks.  I realy love them becaus they are AWSOME and fun to read on.  From Kelly"

"Thanks so much for greatiously sacerficing your money so our class can have a chance to use these fun Nooks"

So sweet!  Seriously consider donating on, it's such a worthwhile project and a great chance to directly help a teacher.

And for another, yet more sinister, day brightener, do check out "Hi, How Are You Doing in Hell", a collection of demented drawings from kids.  Mom Snot, Ray Sont 4Ever!


Sue said...

kind of scary spelling for grades 4 - 5 - but really cute just the same. Maybe they don't teach spelling and grammar anymore - the spell-check takes care of it - and hurray for the nooks! you are greatious!

Unknown said...

I know, my district is kind of lame. I'm thinking about doing another project on the site (I did one a year or so ago to get new books for my classroom). I'll post on my website when I get it done. I want to add to our listening lab with some new books on CD!

And I love the notes. They were so cute!