Tuesday, January 24, 2012

You're Never Too Old To Learn Something New

My daily learning generally involves The New York Times Crossword Puzzle, or something I've seen on The History Channel (well it used to involve the History Channel.  Since they've gone to airing nothing but Swamp People and Ax Men, I'm not learning too much).

But yesterday, I taught myself to crochet.  I've been avoiding crochet for the nearly 50 (ack) years I've been knitting.  I think being a lefty bolluxed up the instructions for me, and anytime I tried to crochet, I ended up going backwards and upside down or something.

But so many of the Weldon's projects I want to do this year involve at least a little crocheting.  So last night, I dug this 1946 booklet out (and it has instructions for the left handed -- sort of.  Basically it says to put a mirror in front of the page and follow the reflection).  And within a few minutes, I was merrily chaining, single crocheting and double crocheting all around my Barrister's Wig! 

I'm sure experienced crocheters would wince at my speed (though I did get faster) and I'm pretty sure I am not holding the yarn quite right, but I produced a decent looking lacy edging so I'm pretty happy.

And I can say that I learned something new.  That wasn't about a Real Housewife, Heidi and Seal's breakup or what those crazy Brits are doing at "Downton Abbey" (though I learned about all that stuff too)


Sue said...

you now I'll be figuring out a way to knit it!

Lis said...

it all looks impossible to me! yay for learning it though.