Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bring Em Home 2.0 continued

We have an Apple Store now, Car!  It's right downtown!  You can practically drive right up to it!  And no mean DC salespeople!


Cara said...

soon enough!

Lis said...

Are they moving back? Where's the sidebar link to your new blog??

Laurie said...

they keep claiming they are, but no date in sight yet. Inertia is a powerful force :-)

It's the first link under my "Check These Out" sites "My Year of Weldon's" or

zaideafraidey said...

I hope you look at this post again cuz I wanted to thank you for the most magnificent xmas gift where all could see. Cara made me a canvas print of Lake Kachess, it is beautiful, thoughtful and hanging at the cabin as we speak. What a fabulous idea, a sure fire hit. Hope you pick me next year!!!
love, B

Cara said...

B, Im so glad you liked the gift. I was nervous that you wouldnt!! Meg said you would love it, and i thought it turned out super cool! It was the most fun gift i have given in quite some time!