Sunday, January 29, 2012

Watching the Oscar Nominees

I'm trying to watch all 9 of this year's nominees for Best Picture.

"The Tree of Life" directed by Terence Malick.  We watched this yesterday.  Not "Bridesmaids", for sure :-)

"Malick, a deeply thoughtful director who studied philosophy at Harvard and Oxford, reflects on the interconnectedness and interdependence of all living things, no matter how miniscule or magnificent. The death of a brother lingers profoundly in the life of his emotionally damaged sibling just as the Big Bang reverberates throughout the cosmos, and a relatively small meteorite crash instigates a cataclysmic ripple of death for the dinosaurs."

 "The Artist".  My favorite so far.  Loved everything about this movie.  Charming!

 "The Help".  Loved this too, mostly for the performances by Octavia Spencer and Viola Davis.  This was a movie that stayed pretty faithful to the book, and didn't disappoint.
 "Hugo".  I took Alex to see this on Friday, and it was still good the second time around.  The sets are amazing, and there were some good knitted costumes (always a plus for me lol)  I really enjoy the history of film, so the scenes showing the making of early silent movies was fun.  But maybe a tad long for little kids (though Al liked it)
"Moneyball".  I was amazed that a good movie could be made out of this book.  Brad Pitt is very good in this one, as is Jonah Hill (does anyone else like him better chubby?)

So that's 5 down, 4 to go:  The Descendants, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, Midnight in Paris and War Horse.  I'm not too excited about the 9/11 movie (the previews are kind of annoying) and I don't love Woody Allen.  But War Horse is World War I (one of my favorite eras) and The Descendants has Cloons, so I'm up for seeing both of those.

And why didn't Tin Tin get a nod for Best Animated Film?  I liked that one.


Meg said...

they were just talking about Incredibly loud on the radio yesterday, they liked it so much it made me want to go. Not "really" about 9-11, and the performance of the little boy is amazing. Come over and we can go :) B-Z

Laurie said...

quit signing on as Megan, you are confusing me. I would love to go to the movies with you B!

Lis said...

I've only seen one, the help, kip and I were both crying at the end.

Meg said...

Kip was crying at the end of 'the help'. Someone needs to find his testicles. And MOM, sign me out you giant dork. And Lavs, I always think of you at Oscar time. Always. You're such a good movies see-er. Ah, in my next life!

zaideafraidey said...

I WOULD sign you out BUT I never notice that you are the signee until after I have written my very pithy comment and than don't want to lose it. Maybe it will occur to me next time.

Katie said...

Tree of Life was weird.

LOVED loved loved The Help and The Artist. That is all.

also, Megs, I love you.

Laurie said...

Megan, I'd say you are the meanest sister in the world. Except I live with two other super mean sisters. And I HAVE mean sisters.