Monday, January 23, 2012

He's Back!

Karl Pilkington is back!  We watched Episode 1 of "An Idiot Abroad: The Bucket List" yesterday.  Genius.

I was relieved that Karl refused to bungee jump, though.  He's smarter than he looks.


zaideafraidey said...

I was hoping someone would comment by now so I could try to figure out the the "h" you are talking about.

Laurie said...

oh Zaids. It's a show we all love to pieces. Karl is sent to various places around the world by Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant. And he's an Englishman who doesn't actually want to go anywhere. Hilarity ensues.

Katie said...

oh my gosh, Zaides. Karl is a genius. I've been blogging about him for ages. Google him, watch some youtube clips or find their podcast on Itunes and listen in the car. You will LOVE it. promise.