Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Date With Al

Friday night my man Alex and I went out for a fun date.  I had originally intended to take him to Beauty and the Beast (Broadway show), but missed out on tickets for that.

We settled for dinner at Chili's and "Hugo".  He was full of chatter, including regaling me with a little hijinks where he and some pals took those plastic bags of chocolate milk (the kind they serve in the school cafeteria instead of cartons) and threw them against the walls of the school.  They didn't get caught (yet), hope Principal Skinner doesn't read my blog.  He had a corn dog, pineapple and a Slurpee type drink.  He was super stoked about the pineapple, weird kid.

We then fueled up for the movie with Skittles and popcorn.  After the film, we dropped into Game Stop and got a Bakugan game for their XBox.  Lucky for Lavs, he only looked at the sale table, and didn't ask for something rated T.

I don't get to see my little men very often anymore, so it was a fun evening for me.  And I think it was fun for Al to get a special evening with no brothers.


Lis said...

What a fun date. He's a lucky pup.

Sue said...

you are always going to be so special in their loves - and keep giving him pineapple!

Meg said...

I love any date that involves a corndog. Lucky guy...lucky Lowdie.