Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Visit from Mimi!

Mom was in town last weekend at Jon and Lorraine's, a rare sighting of our little bird east of the mountains!  Pia and I went over for dinner, and I went to Palm Sunday church with the gang.  Here's our little Lois:

I think she had a pretty good time, in spite of being surrounded by small boys and dogs (neither are her favorite things).  Of course, she complained to Jon about her CAR being taken away but he handled it :-)
Speaking of rare birds, here's the best picture I could get of the ever-elusive Jon Helen.  He's in his usual fine form, and is helping me with some yard work this week.  He built us a compost bin, about which I am uber-excited!  Now if the weather would ever get above 50 degrees, I can start gardening.
And here's Mikey, READING!  He is a super kindergartner, and showed off his reading skillz to teacher Pia, who verified that he is indeed reading, not just faking it.  Couldn't get any pix of the other boys, as they were busy watching a movie.  But they are getting tall and the feet keep getting bigger.


Lis said...

Those first two pictures are priceless. Hilarious.

Cara said...

agreed Lis. And i need some pics of the other boys!!!

Laurie said...

I will see if I can get more pix. They are totes boys, Cara!