Friday, April 8, 2011

Adventures in Hardware

So now that I have my very own DRILL, I've been searching around for stuff to fix.

 Our mail slot has been broken ever since Steve tried to jam his hand down it to retrieve a set of keys he dropped in there.  So Katie and I were determined that this was the week it gets fixed (btw, OUR mail slot is not cute and charming like the one in the picture.  Ours is kind of fug, but we're renters, so fug it stays).

Brilliant Idea #1 was to get "Gorilla Glue" and epoxy that sucker onto the wall.  Epic Fail.  Though Katie did a real nice job mixing up and applying the glue (actually, there's glue dripping down the wall, but it's clear.  And again, we are renters, so we don't care that much)

Brilliant Idea #2: I took a look inside the slot and saw that one of the tabs (where the screw gets screwed in) was kind of broken.  So I figured we needed a new "sleeve" for the inside and that would fix it.  See, I'm all DIY now, even know the language.  Well, after a trip to Lowe's for the piece we needed plus a stop at Spokane Hardware, realized OUR mail slot is some wretched antique size that no one carries.

Brilliant Idea #3:  Looked again and realized all I really need is a washer and a nut to fix the whole shebang.  So I'll get to use my drill to screw in the loose screw.  Excited!

And that is what I spent the entire day doing.  The Archbishop of Canterbury is still naked.

UPDATE: after another trip to the hardware store, and Katie nearly getting her arm permanently jammed in the mail slot, it's still a bit bockety.  Maybe if our mailman doesn't jam in all the magazines, etc in the slot,  it will stay in place.  To be continued!


Katie said...

love our little Mike Holmes Jr!

Cara said...

Make it Right!!

Sue said...

Hardware Adventures are the stuff of life! Love that you are doing my second favorite thing!

Laurie said...

well we could use your expert advice Susna. and Cara, we need Brian AND Holmes to resolve all of our disaster DIY :-)

Meg said...

Hilarious! Glad I am not the only one that thinks epoxy will hold anything and everything. One time some piece fell off my Jetta when Ry and I were dating, I 'epoxyed' it back on. Ry said it would never work. I said puhlease. First heavy rain (or drive down 405)...I never saw the part again:).

Meg said...

P.S. Love DIY.

Lis said...

Make your landlord fix it! I do love the thought of you wandering around with a drill though.