Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cannot Get Enough of This Girl

My nieces and nephews (and their delightful spouses) make some darn cute babies.  I love visiting them, and it's so amazing to see how quickly they grow, and how they are delightful combos of their parents, with a dash of the extended families thrown in for good measure.

There's one little girl that I want to pinch and hug and basically eat up every time I see her.  And that would be Ms. Allie D-D.  According to her Zaide, she's the most easy-going of the gang, happy to tag along with her big sister and her cousin -- two Bossy Bossersons in two small packages.

Here are some pix of Pal at the family Easter party.  See if you don't want to take a bite:


Katie said...

she is the best, i agree! and those giant blue eyes? TDF.

LOVE the pic of her on the stairs surrounded by Easter goodies!

and also love that she was rocking the high-tops i got for Hadley ages ago!!!

Laurie said...

and that jeans skirt! So cute!

zaideafraidey said...

Katie I think you got those HT's for Tatum-ages ago. L I am working on getting "someone" to have my 5th grandchild, that one can be yours (or I mean I will share) in the meantime you can be honorary Dodo, I will share these ones with you anytime.

Laurie said...

thanks B, you are a good sister to offer to share. Though after Maddie's hijinks this week, I don't know if Kip & Lis are going to be on board for GC #5

zaideafraidey said...

ooh had not thought of that...possibly we should take Maddie away, and while they might not miss her and her naughtiness they will feel the void and get on having a second (now third) think it will owrk?

Laurie said...

excellent thinking. I'm pretty sure they will hand her over without any fuss AT all.