Friday, April 22, 2011

The Handyman Can!

Our Handyman (that would be Jon, so glad he lives in Spokane now!) did a couple of jobs for us this week.  And I'm tickled pink.  Because, even though we are total DIY and HGTV whores and dream of marrying/adopting Brian, Scott and Holmes, we are fairly inept when it comes to anything involving hammers, nails and chopping stuff.  Here's what Jon did for us:

Made us a 2-compartment compost bin!  It already has some leaves from last fall in there, and if it ever stops snowing here, I'll be adding my layers of brown, green and dirt.  I am so happy to be a composter!

Trimmed our scary/creepy front hedge, which was threatening to take over the world.  Then chopped us a pile of faggots (of wood peeps), and stacked them neatly by our fabulous OUTDOOR FIREPLACE.  We can huddle around the fire as it's snowing in late April here.

Yay for Jon!  Already thinking of what other projects need doing around here...

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