Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Fun

Katie, Lulu and I were on hand for the Mega-Easter Party at the Davis'.  It's a real extravaganza, here are some pix from the big day:

Peter Coogan got engaged!  Yay Pete!  B-Z evidently wanted to be featured on "Cake Wrecks" with this dubious spelling of "Hooray"...

Mimi meets and greets her newest great-grand, Mr. CARSON! Prentice.  Not sure what he's caterwauling about, he must be anxious for the egg hunt.
Logan is always Fancie Nancie.  Love her way with the accessories!
Hadley and Logie are all ready to go after the eggs.  They know Zaide and Baba have been out hiding dozens of goodies (Baba had the nerve to complain "you took all the good places" when Zaids forced him off the couch to hide a dozen prizes.  This hunt is for 4 year olds, Baba, a "good place" would be the ground)

Lining up for the hunt.  Right after this, elbows started flying.
Loges again, finding some seriously good loot.  Zaide doesn't just hide stale Peeps, there was stuff I would have forearm shivered these kids to get.
Uncle Easter Bunny made his 25th annual appearance to terrorize the children.  Tatum and Lauren seem pretty solid, though.  I don't see any grimaces of terror...
Wait, I retract that.  Hadley claimed she would NOT be scared of UEB.  That was a big fat lie.
Note the ADORABLE Ladybug coat Zaide knit for her!  I'm so proud of you Zaids!  It is darling!
She did accept her gift, but she wasn't happy about it.
Mads was pretty darn brave, though there was some nail-biting when she had to get close to creepy UEB.  I think it's the 1970s paint-spattered overalls that is the creepiest thing about him.  Made me scream anyways.


zaideafraidey said...

loved, loved. loved having you...lets make this a yearly visit.

Katie said...

SO fun to be there and experience UEB in person. Although I agree, maybe he wouldn't be so frightening if he got a wardrobe upgrade...