Saturday, September 11, 2010

We Heart Goggles

The boys and I have been swimming at the Y quite a bit.  And EVERY DAMN TIME we go, there is a big to-do over goggles.  Either they can't find them, they can't put them on, they can't stop hitting each other over who gets to wear them, and on and on.

A couple of days ago, I took them to Big 5 (their second fave store after Cabela's) and Liam spent the twenty bucks he found on the street (another long-running drama of losing, finding, hiding, swiping, etc).  I tried to talk him into the really nice Nike goggles they had on sale for $5.00.  But no, he was dazzled by the cheesy 5 piece set with goggles, a mask, snorkel and I forget what else (probably a spear and a knife lol). And when I was at the thrift store today I found this set (sorry the pic is not great).  It's a Creature From the Black Lagoon mask with goggles plus hand 'flippers'. 

Oh, Mike P. is going to HEART this.  I'm sure he's wanted this his "whole life" (his latest expression when he wants something).  :-)

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