Monday, September 6, 2010

Farewell, Summer

Labor Day, you caught me by surprise.  I wasn't ready for summer to be over.

The summer of 2010 wasn't one of my best, due to the broken arm on June 1st.  The boys and I had lots of summer plans, which we didn't get to do:

  • Dig fossils at the Stonerose site in Republic
  • Go rollerskating
  • Spend days at the lake and/or the river
  • work in my garden
  • have ice cream at the Milk Bottle
  • hang out at the Comstock pool
  • take Lucy for lots of adventures 
  • go hiking
I did learn to appreciate having the use of two arms (still a work in progress), and to be grateful for the nursing care of Katie, Pia and Steve.  I learned to love my ghetto recliner, and to be very happy when I was able to sleep in my bed (still a little difficult).  I learned to use a mouse with my right hand, to remove ALL cables and cords from areas where I might be walking, and to keep myself occupied on all those nights when I couldn't sleep.  I learned that you should taper off hydrocodone gradually (otherwise you get terrible insomnia and other not very nice side effects).  I learned that watching TV without knitting is incredibly boring.  I became a "Mad Men" addict, a dance show enthusiast, a lover of just about anything that was on at 2:30 am.  I learned it is just about impossible to put a bra on with just one working arm (try it, you'll see!). 

Most of all, I learned that eventually you DO get better, and that time DOES pass, even though on June 1st, I couldn't imagine a time that I'd be (mostly) pain-free and mobile.

Here's to a better autumn 2010!


Katie said...

so sad that summer's over, but i do love fall (that picture you picked is perfect)!

Lis said...

I can't believe summer is over! I am so sad. :-(. It totally
Flew by. Love fall but not really looking forward to months and months of rain.

Glad your arm is better. What a drag