Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our Next Pet

Katie and I (and maybe Pia, too? I never heard her reaction) totes fell for the cows at the fair.  How can you not love a cow, I ask you?  Nothing to hate there.

Of course, being city gals, we're not really 'set up' for a cow pasture.  So the answer is: THE MINIATURE COW.  Perfect!  And Lucy Lou will have a little pal to run around with in the back yard.

Maybe Jon will build us a sod 'cow fort'.


Katie said...

YAY!!!!!!! i <3 the cows!!!

i think Pia's vote was a pretty firm "no" - but she did mention she'd be willing to take me to a student's farm to "watch one get slaughtered." um, thanks P.

Laurie said...

those Freeman folks are tough. You can't slaughter a miniature cow! You'd need teeny tiny butchering tools!

Lis said...

We saw a miniature horse at the park the other day. I want one. Kip nixed it. He and pia should
Hang out together.

Unknown said...

Well, Kip and I were raised together, of course we agree. When we live on a farm, then you two can get a cow. And mom, you should know a miniature cow will never work. Katie hates all things miniature, they frighten her.