Thursday, September 2, 2010

The School Report

1. Alex lost his brand new glasses.  May be a new speed record (it wasn't really his fault though. He carefully put them in the case and set them in a safe spot while he played kickball.  Some goon picked them up and took them.  Who wants someone else's glasses?!)

2. Liam says the one classmate he knows is "the most annoying girl in the world".  She will prolly try to be his girlfriend lol. 

3. Despite rumor that she is "the meanest teacher in the whole school", Al says his teacher is really nice.  Liam reports that "our teacher does not yell at us".  It's only day one, Liam's teacher...

4. Riveria ditched his mom and me to hang out with a friend as soon as we got to school this morning.  Fifth graders are way too cool for dorky adults.  He loves his teacher, who let him stay after to help her.  Bliss.

5. Mike was full of news about day one of kindergarten: you get THREE recesses.  He did the monkey bars twice, the only one in his class who could cross the bars twice!  He didn't pee or poop at school (no way was he using the bathroom at school).  He didn't finish his lunch, though his explanation was a bit suspect -- something about getting kicked out of the lunchroom before he was finished (which doesn't happen).  He claimed the girl who sits next to him was mean, and climbed in and out of the window, and bonked him on the head, so he needs a helmet for school.  He brought home lots of papers for Mom, and was very careful about putting them in his backpack so they would not get ripped.  You have to wear sneakers for gym or ELSE.  He got a happy face on his daily calendar = great day!  He is ok with going back tomorrow :-)


Lis said...

Oh I love Mikey's day.

Any that SUCKS to lose brand new glasses. Hopefully some parent will see their child, who does not wear glasses, wearing them and they'll get returned.

Katie said...

i'm fairly sure about 90% of Mikey's day was made up... but that might be what i love the most about it! :D such a cutie. and i'm glad the teachers haven't had to yell (yet).

Laurie said...

Haha, he did get a little wild there by the time he told us about Angelina going in and out the window. But at least we got something more than "nothing!" when we asked what he did at school. And Mom is going to work in his classroom today, so we'll get the TRUE report about that window-climbing, head-bopping table-mate.