Saturday, January 9, 2010

January Blahs!

Sorry, faithful Fluther readers! I have zilch about which to blog lately. I have been going to the Y to work out, in an attempt to get my weight loss program back on track. Along with half the population of Spokane, which makes parking and finding a treadmill tricky.

I'm working on a pretty pair of beaded socks as the January "Mystery Sock" project:

The boys are back in school (to their chagrin) and we are set to start a new season of activities: tae kwon do (they are up to 'high purple' belts!), reading tutoring, cross country skiing for Alex and RJ, and anything else their mom and I can think of to keep them busy.

Weather in Spokane has also been 'blah'. A skiff or two of snow, but mostly just gray, gray and more gray.


Cara said...

i have the january blahs too. just been work and counting down the days until march!!

Laurie said...

can't wait for March!