Monday, January 25, 2010

The Breakfast Club

I usually arrive at Casa de P. in time to get breakfast for the gang. Here's today's short order menu:

Mikey insisted on the mango (or papaya, I can never remember which is which), so I cut half into 'boats' and half into bite sized pieces. He had a fit, evidently all he really wanted was to gnaw on the pit. So that's what our little Bucky Beaver is eating here.

The twins are entirely predictable: OATMEAL. They would eat oatmeal 3x daily plus snacks if we'd allow it. At least it's healthier than Lucky Charms :-)


zaideafraidey said...

mango = big pit,
papaya has those gross little black eggs inside. You are a good Lowdie for doing bfast I hate cooking in the am, unless at cabin.

Laurie said...

one word: microwave

Meg said...

My mom does not hate cooking ever...she's just lying. I totes understand the whole 'fit' thing for you being so foolish to cut something in boats. And the twins and their oatmeal...tell them to come live with us, we would love something healthy living two doors down. Instead we have Lucky Charmalina.