Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Convos

Here are a few of the Christmas conversations I've had with the boys:

Alex: I know who Santa REALLY is.
Lavs: Really?
Lavs: Shhh! We don't want Mikey to hear!
Al: Yep, Mom brings the presents.
Lavs: Hmmm.
Al: Do you believe Santa is real?
Lavs: of course I do. Do you?
Al: Santa's not real.
Long Pause...
Al: IS HE?

Way to hedge your bets, Alex!
Lavs: What do you want Ho-Ho to bring you for Christmas, Mikey?
Mikey: Everything! (he's been lugging around the Toys R Us catalog for weeks)
Lavs: Maybe Ho-Ho will bring you a puppy! (not happening) What would you name it?
Mikey: YOU KNOW.
Lavs: Tell me!

RJ: I know what I want for Christmas!
Lavs: What?
RJ: (pulling out the Cabela's catalog) THIS!
RJ: Yes!
Lavs: You can't hunt animals with a revolver.
RJ: Yes you can! Jon, can you hunt animals with a revolver?
Jon: Yeah, you can.
Lavs: thanks for having my back, Jon. I'm NOT buying you a revolver RJ, and I don't think you should look for it under the tree either.
Jon: You are SO not ready for a weapon.
Lavs: Gak.


Lis said...

So is Jon LIVING there now? Madeline totally latched on to the toys-r-us catalog. btw, allie's sweater is amazing. we'll get a picture soon. it's definitely cold enough to wear!

Cara said...

love the mike p's obsession with bokugan...and an totally picture the revolver convo!

Laurie said...

yes Jon is officially in residence! We love having him here. Will get picture proof tomorrow lol. And I NEED a pic of darling Allie in her sweater cuz I forgot to take one of it before I left the cabin.

Unknown said...

Those boys do NOT need a revolver! God I love RJ. And mom, are there any stories where Jon is a good influence on the boys? Just wondering ;)

Laurie said...

um, no. But that's why we love him!

Meg said...

LOVE THESE!!! Love how Al is acting all tough, but then acts like he believes 'just in case'.

Laurie said...

he's no dummy. It would really suck to announce you don't believe, then get nothing under the tree!