Thursday, December 10, 2009

Santa Express

Mikey and I visited "Santa Express" (a fundraiser for Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery, where kids get to shop for presents) this morning. Our 'elf' was Pia!

Mikey had a little trubs with the concept of "buying gifts for others"; he really only wanted to shop for his beloved Teacher Kim (preschool goddess) and himself. But Elf P. got him in the gift giving mood and he picked out prezzies for the brothers, Mama and Wowie along with TK. We went a smidge over our $10.00 budget with the additional purchase of a car for Mike...generosity and selflessness are learned traits :-)

When we got to preschool, Mike insisted on giving Teacher K. his gift right away. OMG he was totes adorable when he handed her the package. I wasn't fast enough with my camera, unfortch. His little face was beaming and he was so excited to give her the BEAUTIFUL red ring he chose. All hearts melted, of course.


Unknown said...

He was soooooo cute. I knew you'd fold when he came out saying "Wowie, I really, really, really, really, really want something that I saw too!" You were toast lady! He was so cute picking out gifts. Best part of the day!

Lis said...

That is really cute. I am sure she loved her ring :-)

Laurie said...

She did love it, Mikey tried to get her to take off her diamond ring and wear the snowman on that finger, but somehow she resisted and put in on her pinky.