Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Tony!

My baby is 27 years old today!!! How did that happen?

He still looks pretty much exactly like this kindergarten picture:

(and he was ahead of the fashion curve with the pink polo shirt too!) Note the 'buttoned all the way up' look, with the pullover sleeves neatly tucked under. He was always a little persnickety that way...

And here's a card my little Pooh made for his mom in kindergarten. Though the drawing of me is a bit sketchy, I love it. The inside reads "My Mom: I love her - she gives me allowance and I go shopping with her!". OK, he was rather mercenary in his sentiments, but still.

Love you Baby Tony! Come Home Soon!


Cara said...

happy b-day to the best brother and friend anyone could ever want!!!

Laurie said...