Monday, December 28, 2009

Warm Toes!

It's rather cold here in Spokane (no snow though--after last year's two feet, I'm fine with that). I got some comfy Deerfoam (Dearfoam?) slippers for Xmas, but I'm also knitting some cute slipper socks. These are Arwen Slipper Socks (I'm a sucker for Lord of the Rings references), and I'm knitting them in some pretty green yarn Lorraine and the boys bought for my birthday when they were on Lopez Island. The yarn isn't actually as bright green as the picture, but rather a mossy green. One done!


Cara said...

they look kinda elfy! i like em!

Laurie said...

Maybe I should wear them for watching ice skating @ Olympics and name them after my fave elf: Elfy Schlegal.