Monday, November 2, 2009


Cara and Katie helped the boys carve their (many) Halloween pumpkins. Must say this is my LEAST fave holiday activity. No one wants to get their hands all covered with pumpkin goop. But it was definitely a lot more fun with the girls there to lend a hand. And it probably saved a trip to the ER to reattach a child's severed finger :-O

In no particular order:

Cara and I visited Katie's office, where she was dolled up as a member of "The Biohazards" 80s rock band. She was rockin' the look!

My fave pumpkin, Katie's "Barfing Pumpkin". Rad.

Our little family of pumpkins. I also like my 'cynical' pumpkin over there on the left. He has that 'who gives a shit' look on his face.

Liam scooping out the ginormous pumpkin.
RJ handling the knife with ease (he had all the 'special pumpkin carving tools' stashed in his bedroom, so they wouldn't get lost before the big event. Thanks RJ!)

Katie is carving her fancy ghost pumpkin. Mikey stifles a yawn, he wants to see some blood and gore. Be a sport, Katie, and let that knife slip.

Here's a Lavs special carving job for Mikey. I don't get fancy, just your basic triangles and a tooth.

Mikey explaining the expression he wants on his pumpkin. Sorry, Mike, pumpkins don't have lower lips that pout.

Cara and Mikey working on a masterpiece.


Katie said...

i'm glad you got a pic of the puking pumpkin masterpiece... it turned out pretty awesome i think. even if the boys weren't all that impressed for some reason. :)

Cara said...

love the pouting lip. no more pics of me please...i think i look fat!

Laurie said...

You do not look fat, you look great!

Katie said...

Cara - STFU. :)

Unknown said...

Seriously Cara! No fat comments from you! You look awesome.

Lis said...

STFU-New one to me but i figured it out. hilarious. they boys weren't impressed with the puking pumpkin? Crazy.

Meg said...

Kate, I really think you should reconsider career choices and head to Hollywood. You are totally the cutest little punk chick I've ever seen.

Laurie said...

I just figured it out too! Totes should have known that one.

Katie said...

STFU is pretty good, very useful. and thanks Meg. but no thanks. i'll stick to h'ween