Friday, November 20, 2009

Good Dog Bear

Cara called this morning to let us know that Bear (our beloved Esky) went to heaven today. :-(

She was one of the only dogs I've ever loved -- when she came into our lives, she was a tiny ball of white fur and big black eyes. Sensing that she would need to win me over in order to become a member of the fam, she immediately snuggled into my neck and fell asleep in my arms. As you can imagine, I was totally charmed.

She was a rascal as a puppy, and loved to play the "I escaped from the yard, I'm running amok in the neighborhood, and as soon as you get within arm's reach of me, I'm taking off again" game. We all remember the day she fell off the bed, and had to have puppy ACL surgery, then wore a cast for a while. She was so pitiful with her back leg all stretched out in a cast lol. She also had some sort of tummy troubles when she was a pup, so we were into her for hundreds of dollars in vet bills from the very start, but we loved her anyway.

She had a grand long life, ending her days as a regal Virginia lady. I read something the other day that seems perfect:

Question: Do dogs go to heaven?
Answer: It wouldn't be heaven without them.

We'll see you in heaven, sister!


Cara said...

great quote, and so true. this day has been terrible!!! although, im happy shes somewhere running free and getting herself into trouble again=)

Laurie said...

you poor guys, it's never fun to have to make that decision. But she had a good long life (even if she did end up in VA prolly with copperheads and cooties all over the backyard). We'll def. miss her!

Katie said...

she was a great gal, even if she DID love to escape! always checking those fences for holes... ;)