Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fun With Cara

Cara's visit has been so nice! Although I wouldn't say it's been action packed with exciting events, I have been able to spend time with her, which is plenty good enough for me. Here are a few pix:

Mikey got a ton of new stuff when we went to Target, including the skull hat and skeleton hand gloves. I actually bought 4 pairs of these. By this morning (24 hours later), we were down to 2 pairs and the twins were engaged in a death match over whose they were.

Car & Mikey, being goofy. Not a very good picture, but she is looking SO good and skinny!

We went to Boo Radley's this morning, and had to try out the mouths on a stick. Love them!


Sue said...

those masks are so disturbing - pam got tony and amanda some just the opposite - and it was 'cary

Unknown said...

Sweet. Why did I have to work today again? Looks like so much more fun with you all!

zaideafraidey said...

hooray Cara is home, don't let her back out of the state. Cara you look great!!

Meg said...

The first thing I thought was...Look how skinny Carparts looks. I'm with Katie Cat, STFU...YOU LOOK AWESOME CAR!!!!

Laurie said...

we let her escape. Damn it!