Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wish Them Luck!

The brothers are taking their tae kwon do belt tests next week! Alex and Liam are trying to earn their green belt and this is what they have to know:

Green Belt: Sa Bang Chuck 3; Poomse: Tae Guk Sam Jang Self-Defense Kick: Spinning Back Kick, Board Breaking: Children: Front Snap Kick, Oral Test: History of Taekwondo (Children: 3 ancient Kingdoms of Korea)

RJ will be testing to earn his Blue Belt, and this is what he has to know:

Blue Belt Sa Bang Chuck 4. Poomse: Tae Guk Sa Jang. Kicks: Skipping Hook Kick 1. Oral Test: Philosophy of Taekwondo (Children: Meanings of the 5 Codes).

In addition, they had to each complete 2 book reports and Mama has to fill out a home and school report on each one. Hopefully, they were very very nice to Mama during that process

Good luck, young warriors! I will see if I can get some pictures esp. of the board breaking!


Unknown said...

Green belt was a little confusing to follow, but that's awesome!

Katie said...

P, if you think green belt is confusing, try asking Riveria to explain ALL the belts to you - i swear to god there are 500 levels to the belts!