Wednesday, February 11, 2009

That 25 Things About Me list

I've been 'tagged' to do this on Facebook about a killion times (the boys informed me that 'killion' is a legit number, along with 'kazillion'). So I'm going to do it here because 1. I prefer to bloggity-blog and 2. I started it on FB and it got erased at about #22 so now I'm boycotting FB. So here's my list of factoids about moi:

1. I do everything left-handed except knit.
2. When I was in 3rd grade, I wanted to be an Egyptologist.
3. I prefer dark chocolate.
4. Even though I have been knitting non-stop for over 30 years, I only have 1 sweater and 1 pair of socks that I kept for myself.
5. I learned to read at age 6 and have read the morning newspaper every day since then.
6. I've eaten the same thing for breakfast (bagel with cheddar cheese on top and coffee) every day for the last 20 years.
7. I am married to the world's nicest man; he has never said no to anyone as far as I know :-)
8. My children are my greatest pride and joy.
9. I am afraid of all animals except spiders.
10. I have a secret desire to live on a farm and/or have chickens in my backyard. This despite the fact as stated in #9.
11. I have the world's greatest sisters.
12. If I could live anywhere in the world, I'd choose England.
13. Italian or French Roast coffee, with a splash of half/half -- my drink of choice.
14. I hate flavored coffee.
15. I didn't learn to like Mexican food until I was well into my 40s.
16. My happiest childhood memories were made while I was visiting Toddie and Baba's house.
17. My nieces are the BEST (nephews too!)
18. I am lucky enough to take care of the four wildest, sweetest, craziest and most adorable boys in the known universe.
19. I used to hate nail polish because it made my fingernails feel like they were 'smothering', but now I like it.
20. I read before bed every night, without fail.
21. I secretly love Kraft Mac & Cheese with peas mixed in.
22. My favorite movie of all time is Gone With the Wind.
23. I once told my sister Susan that I thought June Lockhart (the mom on "Lassie") was beautiful. She teased me until I cried.
24. I do the New York Times crossword puzzle in pen.
25. I wish I had stayed home with my kids when they were little.

OK, that's done. Geez, I'm not very exciting am I? :-)


Unknown said...

RE #10, all of your farm animals will die because of #9 (you'll be too scared to feed them), but I love that you want to live on a farm!
RE #21, that is not a secret. At least not to your children.
I love your list, and am especially glad that we make you proud!

Katie said...

LOVE your list- and great minds think alike, i just posted mine on the blog too LOL... and also, no need to be ashamed about the mac&cheese with peas, it is perfection.

Cara said...

love,love,love the mac and cheese with peas. pooh and i had it for lunch on sunday!!

Sue said...

mac & cheese w/PEAS!?? Are you people CWAZY??? I mean - touching AND peas!

Meg said...

Mac and Cheese with peas...GACK! Mashed potatoes and peas, yes...but mac-n-cheese? I'd love to see you live on a farm, you'd be the worst farmer ever...pia's right, the livestock would die for sures. And I have the same fingernail smothering feeling...I tell you...I'm your child.

Cara said...

since i dont have a blog, i'll post my 25 here...
1. there is not a day that goes by that i dont think of home
2. i secretly worry that i will never have kids.
3. circus peanuts and red vines are my favorite candy.
4. i HATE flying, but i love to travel.
5. if i could live anywhere i would live in hawaii
6. i am ashamed to admit that the l word is one of my favorite shows.
7. i hate virginia, but i also really like it.
8. sloppy joes are my favorite dinner and i have them every year on my birthday.\
9. corn must be mixed in with the sloppy joe for it to be perfection.
10. i love to read, but dont do it enough. i tend to only read books when i am on vacation.
11. my family is my greatest joy and love.
12. i smell my fingers.
13. i love to have fake nails put on but they rarely stay on more that 48 hours before i tear them off.
14. i have always thought i could be friends with a celebrity if i ever met one.
15. i have gone to every day for the past 5 years.
16. i want to live in the country but i am too afraid that something bad would happen and no one would find me because i am so secluded.
17. i get paralyzed by the thought of someone i love dying.
18. i love, love, love listening to music and always have it playing.
19. my dogs make me smile every day.
20. i want a log house.
21. if i could eat peanut butter cup ice cream with every meal i would.
22. i hate coffee.
23. i love diet pepsi.
24. fat on red meat literally makes me gag.
25. tony and i have a list of sporting events we must attend before we die.

Lis said...

Um, totally have the fingernail smothering thing too. I thought I was a weirdo for feeling that way. Toes are OK...I can't believe you got over it!

Laurie said...

you ARE a weirdo Lis, but welcome to the fam. And it only took me 50 plus years to get over it lol. Cara, great list. GET HOME.

parlangecrew said...

no farm4u in england...they have animal cruelty laws. sheep wearing wool sweaters!? hey cara,sloppy joe slop sloppy joes are my fave!(i want2die choking on them or bacon)its a gene.from jon