Saturday, February 14, 2009

25 Reasons Cara & Tony Should Come Home

In the spirit of the annoying Facebook 'tag' that's going around plus the fact that I've been slacking off on the 'get em home' campaign, here's a super-bonus edition of GEH09!

The picture is from the SGS Hall of Fame opening, which you should have attended as you are both members. As you can see, all the 'usual suspects' were there.

  1. Cara could be attending Weight Watchers with us, and making rude comments about the 'meeting talkers' (and we could go to the Shirl-Dog's meetings again!)

  2. Taking the boys to baseball games, basketball games, wrestling matches, Arena football, and all the other boy things their mother and I don't do.

  3. You could be helping with the renovation of (by that I mean you could be mucking out 30 years of contaminated gunk from) Spokane Raceway Park.

  4. Saint George's Basketball NEEDS you two. The girls actually lost to Cusick.

  5. Home cookin'. Who else can make the perfect Sloppy Joe & niblets that you know you want, except yo mama.

  6. A group of like-minded people on the whole mixing Kraft mac & cheese with peas.

  7. Where else can you see piles of dirty snow all the way until April?

  8. Getting to drive over and see the cousins any time you want. And their darling babies.

  9. You are closer to China (and your new baby) here.

  10. No hand-knit socks until you get home!

  11. Zip's. Mini corn dogs. Tub o' fries with tartar sauce.

  12. Complain about the Zags, the Mariners, and the Seahawks with people who know and understand your pain.

  13. NO 'Skins fans. Or Nats fans (actually do the Nats HAVE any fans?). And only a few annoying members of Red Sox Nation.

  14. No hurricanes.

  15. The Lake. You would probably get invited now that you have been gone so long. Gramma surely has forgotten any/all grudges by now.

  16. All the Oberto products you could possibly want at your fingertips.

  17. You can NOT run Bloomsday and have lots of company (but not an entire state who's not running it).

  18. The Cabin. I think B & Bob will probably let you come back, as long as you bring your own coffee beans.

  19. REAL SKIING. Not on some little pimple of a hill with fake snow.

  20. Bingo Night, Skate Night, Movie Night and more at Linwood Elementary School.

  21. Opportunities to torture your sisters are slipping by rapidly.

  22. It's never been easier to apply for unemployment in Washington.

  23. People here hate Wal-Mart.

  24. Zip Trip. No stupid WaWa's.

  25. Your mother misses you like 60!!!!


Cara said...

number 11 may be the most important reason of all if you throw in a double cheeseburger with fry sauce.

Laurie said...

every day if you come home!

Katie said...

awesome list. i like that all of us were able to come up with reasons - that is 75 just today, and i could probably think of so many more! get the hint, people! ;)

Laurie said...

exactly. Try coming up with 25 reasons you should stay in VA. Can't be done.

Unknown said...

I agree. 25 reasons for staying. Can't be done. Get your asses home already!