Monday, August 4, 2008

Off to Whit-By Island!

Steve and I are headed to Whidbey (or Whit-by as our Baba used to say) for a couple of days of camping with the boys and their mama. The Gang is already there, scoping out all the best clubhouse spots and where the really great shell and rock collecting is to be done. I am taking my super fancy air mattress with pillow top and The Taj Mahal (Cara's ginormous tent which comfortably sleeps a horde), plus my also fancy new outdoor kitchen! No sleeping under a canvas tarp for us, we are barely one step below the Winnebago people.


Cara said...

definately jealous. i miss being able to do stuff like that. here if you go to a lake or any body of water besides the ocean there are all sorts of nasty things in the water that bite. too creepy for me.

Laurie said...

ugh, that is why the rest of us live in the NW. Of course, I only go in pools with an occasional lake thrown in. COME HOME

Laurie said...

oh and stay out of the ocean, it's SHARK WEEK.