Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Car-parts!

A day late, but heartfelt little Cara celebrated her birthday on the very auspicious date of 08/08/08. Sounds like this could be the year for her (to go get that Chinese baby)

Here's Carrie on a typical holiday morning. I'm wondering if she's repeating this scene in Virginia today (after a trip to the casino!)

Our sweet little Cara at age two. You were never likely to see her in a purple ballerina tutu unless it was Halloween, but she looks mighty precious.
C: Cute as a button!
A: Awfully Special!
R: Really Great Athlete!
A: Awesome Girl!
Cara, you were born on a boiling hot day in Spokane, delivered VERY shortly after we arrived at Sacred Heart (as you know from my telling the story a million times, your dad HAD to stop at the Lund's house to get himself a back brace b/c he had hurt his back waterskiing the day before. Never mind that his poor wife was panting and he-he-heing for all I was worth to avoid having you in the parking lot). You popped right out and were absolutely gorgeous, with that top-of-the-cheek dimple and loads of curly dark hair. We took you home that afternoon and Auntie Susna was there with a big fan and lots of help.
Two days old and you took your first plane ride to Seattle! We visited the Bothell Art Fair, where you were proudly displayed in a box for all the shoppers to see.
Life's been a ball with you around ever since! Great heart, loads of laughs, partner in fears with me and cousin Megan, fabulous player and coach in all kinds of sports, softest heart on the planet, and just all-around wonderful person.
Love you like 60!!!


zaideafraidey said...

happy bday Car parts, I remember well you at the fair in the box. Come home!!!

Unknown said...

Adorable tribute mom. Happy birthday sister. Hope the Casino was lucky for you!

Meg said...

Happy very, very belated BDAY! I too love your top of the cheek dimple! LOVE YOU!