Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Rex the Wonder Dog! Lorraine caved and bought the boys a new puppy and he is presh!!!
Rex is a border collie/St. Bernard mix (she swears he won't get over 50 lb but I dunno) 2 months old and as cute as can be.
He is jolly, lets the boys cart him around all over the place without complaining at all. Lorraine said Liam had little tears in his eyes when they were buying him, and when she asked why, he said "I'm just so happy". Is that sweet or what!
Mikey is a little bit jealous bc he is not the baby any more. First day he was eating puppy chow and barking so that he could get some attention. Poor guy!


Cara said...

all you have to do is look at his paws and u know he is going to be big. i love how much they all love animals. too cute

Sue said...

I'm thinking he will be bigger than the Hoolis - their mother was also a Border Collie -