Sunday, July 20, 2008

More Cute Silverwood Pix!

Katie is complaining that all my recent posts have been boring knitting-related (may I remind KT the blog IS called A Fluther of Knitting...) so I am posting cute pictures of the boys at Silverwood today.
Michael had a blast at Boulder Beach, the boy is completely fearless in water. Part seal, I think.

RJ and Mikey get a sweet treat. Yum! For the adults, there was a bar you could stop at on the Lazy River. Yum for big people!

Mikey and Mama enjoying lunch.

People, all I want to eat today is cotton candy and ice cream. Take this protein laden lunch outta here NOW.

Alex tries to entice Gramma Laurie into the pool. My Miracle Suit didn't slim me down enough to take a picture, but I did actually go swimming.


Cara said...

great pic of liam pouting!

Laurie said...

don't you love that one! He got over it when I said he didn't have to eat anything lol

Unknown said...

Way to shamelessly steal my pictures. Great posting though. It was so fun going with you mom.

Unknown said...

All he wanted to do Cara was run over to the ghetto pond and "look for fish". I don't think there were any in there.