Friday, July 25, 2008

Day O Fun

The boys and I went to the local pool yesterday afternoon for 2 hours of fun in the sun. It was a great time! Thank god they are doing road construction right next to the pool, bc there were hardly any people there. For a buck each, we swam our tails off.

Two little fish wait for the session to start.

Taking a quick snack break (the swimsuit on the left is all you are gonna see of Riveria, the human blur)

The boys are gaining a lot of confidence in the water; the twins can back float like nobody's business, everyone was jumping off the side and going under the water with a minimum of trauma (water up the nose, blindness, etc). And Michael is totally fearless in the water, that boy def. needs swimming lessons stat!

Even Gramma Laurie had a lot of fun, the water was great and swimming is so good for the achy back! And I wasn't the palest person in the pool (that would have been the people who swam in full length outfits for some reason; the sun obvs. never gets anywhere near their skin).

We will def. go back soon!


Katie said...

that looks super fun!!! perfect weather for it too! have you guys been to the new water park thingy out on the Palouse yet?

Laurie said...

no, I drove by it tho and it looks very cool. But when the kids are perfectly happy with a plain old pool @ a buck apiece, we stick with that! Cheap and fun!

Cara said...

it looks like it was a perfect day for that. i remember many a summer day at the comstock pool.